Bottle Rockets

by The Ground Is Lava

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Saturnin Matthieu BombTheGig! made me discover this album, and he is a good salesperson Favorite track: Smashers.
Matthieu Mrshl
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Matthieu Mrshl This is a great Emo Indie record. These melodies can't escape from my head. Favorite track: Look, Babe, An Island (We Can Live On It).
Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith More irresistible emo from these guys, this is so damn catchy and awesome!! Wish they'd come over to the UK...FFO Glocca Morra, Modern Baseball Favorite track: Not Tonight, Jeff.
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released October 22, 2013

Recorded by Joe Reinhart and Matt Shenck at The Headroom in Philadelphia, PA, from April 1st-8th, 2013

Mixed by Joe Reinhart

Mastered at Gradwell House by Dave Downham in Haddon Heights, NJ

Cover photo by Jordan Valentine

Cover design by Marcus Nuccio

The Ground Is Lava:
Jon Rogers - vocals, guitar
Jordan Valentine - vocals, bass, percussion, keyboard
Eric Sandt - drums, percussion, vocals

Additional people:
Peter Helmis - backup vocals on "Willow Tree"
Peter Helmis, Mike Bell, Joe Reinhart - group vocals on "Straight Jacket by Marcus Skinner"

All songs written by The Ground Is Lava



all rights reserved


The Ground Is Lava Brunswick, Ohio

Jon Rogers, Eric Sandt, and Jordan Valentine play music together in Brunswick, OH and sometimes other places, too!

2009-2015. Thank you. We love you.

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Track Name: Not Tonight, Jeff
I treasure the moments that we spend together; they make me believe that things could get better. I struggle to keep in these secrets you told me when I wish it was my hand that you were holding. I wonder how sober you were when you said that you trust me more than your other friends. Or does it not matter; do the feelings still count? I've known you a long while; can't figure you out.

I wanna have the most intimate moments, where we share in laughter. Our laughs subside, we sigh, and our eyes meet after.

I have trouble sleeping when you're not around. I want nothing more than to get out of town. Are you still up or are you getting down? I only feel this way because you're around.
Track Name: Franklin
Said I liked your hair, but that's never gotten me anywhere.
And I like the way our hands fold together like the teeth in the zipper of my sweater.
And I'm trying so hard to guard my heart, locked away in this chest... I'm doing my best,
but I haven't had much luck.
I haven't had much love, or any at all.

And I can't help the thought that we carry old crushes in our back pockets.
Track Name: Look, Babe, An Island (We Can Live On It)
Airplane parking lot
I'm all broken up
(Watching you go) ascending escalator, I'll see you later
I don't care if we blow up into a million pieces

Show me the tops of your treehouse
Let me see the view

All I needed was to share that swing with your head on my shoulder to stir up these feelings
How it feels good to be someone's something (or anyone's anything)

Airplane parking lot
I'm all busted up
(Watching you go) ascending escalator, I'll see you later
I don't care if we blow up into a billion pieces

All I needed was to share that swing with your head on my shoulder to stir up my feelings
How it feels good to be someone's something (or anyone's anything)
Track Name: Willow Tree
That willow tree had it in for me.
One misstep, scrapped up knees
I almost fell about twenty feet to the ground.
To your feet

You move your hair to your other side.
I've always liked that about you.
It's one of my favorite things that I've learned about you.

And I'm comfortable around you because you're comfortable to be with.

I'm happy just being your friend and I'm happy just sitting in my van.

And I'd uproot that tree if I could
Track Name: The Complete Idiot's Guide To Being Stupid For Dummies: A Self Help Book
So, I tell myself that you're the one, and I wanna say so many things, but I know I'm not your one, so I guess I won't say anything. You're pretty unconventional and unconventionally pretty. I've always been drawn to you. I love what you drew from me.

Your fingers tracing my bassline's the closest your hands will come holding mine. Your lips on the edge of this aluminum is the closest my lips will come to kissing them.

I write these words and lock them away; how can I say what I cannot say? Would you hold it against me?

There's a place I like to hide in the space between our eyes. The only place that I can't lie is to myself or by your side.
Track Name: Nobody Likes You, Booster
Not with that attitude
You come unglued
You ditch the roots that keep you grounded in the soil
Don't buy into what's got you bummed out.
I wish my arms were longer so I could hug everyone until they feel better.

But I can't (but you should try)

It's like watching water run races on your window at 60 miles per hour
Don't waste your legs on sunny days.
Get outside and go play.
Track Name: Driving Through The Mountains At Night (Tight)
Standing atop the parking garage, overlooking the city,
the sea of lights below is beautiful, but can't hold a candle to
the freckles on your body.
The red strings of fate that led us here in the first place,
like the red strands of your hair that bring me back
that I'm finding on my bedroom floor, in memories, and photographs.

Did you feel the same as we sang on our way up the mountain?

Dancing lakeside to By Surprise, fountain splashing in 3/4 time,
clicking cameras at the bright lights,
but the pictures never turn out right.

Wondering how you make everything go away now
Track Name: Smashers
I wanna blow shit up with my bottle rockets.
They make Jordan nervous.
I wanna ride my bike down big hills and coast all the way home.
She said, "I miss hearing you play guitar."
Her words caught me off guard.

I'll let you fall asleep when we are supposed to be watching TV.
Volume down
Glowing faces from the screen
Track Name: Excuse Me, Can You Fill My Void?
Your hand was mine to hold.
I chose to let it go.
And I don't deserve to stand next to your body, but I need some body to help me feel less lonely.
I regret not being more.

My restless brain keeps me awake until 5AM.
I'm no stranger to these feelings, but I can't say we're friends.

I gave you all I could, but my best efforts fell short.
I'm sorry we weren't in love.
I'm sorry I wasn't in love.

But I miss making memories with you.
I miss laughing out loud and I miss doing shit we used to do.
And I miss making memories with you.

I'm still finding you everywhere.
Track Name: Straight Jacket by Marcus Skinner
I would kiss you on the mouth if you’d allow it. The way you look at me makes me forget I’m not attractive and I dress like shit. You’re so attentive, I can’t pretend if I wanted I could resist.

I hate chasing these pretty white flakes. They say they all look different, but to me they’re all the same. I need to get away to where there’s no snow. I’m ditching all my friends; become a memory, a ghost.